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Born in Barcelona, Spain.
Her professional musical experience includes collaborations with musicians from the international and Spanish jazz scenes such as: Guillermo Klein, Lluís Vidal, Joan Albert Amargós, Perico Sambeat, Bruce Barth, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mike Mossman, David Mengual, Gorka Benítez, Carles Benavent, Bernado Sassetti, Agustí Fernández, Robert Ashley, and has performed and recorded with various formations such as the Teatre Lliure Chamber Orchestra, Terrassa Big Band, Cobla Sant Jordi, Albert Guinovart Ensemble and ONCA (Orquestra Nacional de Càmara d’Andorra).

On summer 2008 was invited by Guillermo Klein to perform with his band “Los Guachos” at the legendary New York Jazz club The Village Vanguard.

As a leader you can hear her voice in:

• «CANELA CANTA MATAS» with Jordi Matas, David Xirgu and Albert Sanz (Discmedi 2011)
• «ELS NOSTRES ESTÀNDARDS» with Lluís Vidal Trio (Contrabaix/Karonte 2007)
• «UNIVERS MILES» with Lluís Vidal (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2004)
• «IRIS” with Joan Monné, Rai Ferrer and David Xirgu (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2003).
• «CRAVO E CANELA» with L’Orquestra Nacional de Cambra d’Andorra, arranged and conducted by Lluís Vidal (Fresh Sound World Jazz, 1999).
• «INTRODUCING CARME CANELA & TRIO» with Joan Monné, Rai Ferrer and David Xirgu (Fresh Sound New Talent, 1996).

She took part in several recordings, to name a few:

• «DOMADOR DE HUELLAS» Guillermo Klein (Sunnyside, 2010)
• «FILTROS» Guillermo Klein y los Guachos (Sunnyside, 2008)
• «LIVE IN BARCELONA» Guillermo Klein y los Guachos (Fresh Sound New Talent,2005)
• «DESDE BARCELONA» Horacio Fumero (Contrabaix,2005)
• «SÓLO LA VERDAD ES SEXY»Gorka Benítez (Fresh Sound New Talent,2004)
• «AGUA MADRE»Jordi Bonell (Harmonia Mundi,2004)
• «FRIENDSHIP» Perico Sambeat (the ACT Company, 2003)
• «DERIVA» David Mengual (Satchmo, 2003).
• «AIGUA» Carles Benavent (Nuevos Medios, 2001).
• «PORGY & BESS» L’Orquestra de Cambra del Teatre Lliure arranged and conducted by Joan Albert Amargós and Lluís Vidal (Fresh Sound New Talent, 1998).
• «AUSTRALIA»Albert Guinovart Ensemble (Vale Music, 1998).

Throughout her career she has been presented with the following awards:

• Award “Vocalist of the year” given by the Associació de Músics de Jazz de Catalunya (the Catalonian Jazz Musicians Association) in the years 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001,2002,2003,2006)
• Award “CD of the year” for “Cravo e Canela” given by the Catalonian Jazz Musicians Association (2000)
• Award for “Catalonian Cd of the year” for Introducing Carme Canela & Trio (award given by Radio Nacional de España-Ràdio 4 for the best album recorded in Catalonia for the year 1997).

Since 2002 she teaches at Music High School ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) in Barcelona.

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    Ms. Canela has a pure, sincere and beautiful voice. She is a wonderfully, great singer who I just recently found. Aloha from Hawai’i!

    1. montry

      Such a beautiful voice. I just found you on spotify. I hope to see you perform one day if you are ever in California.
      PS Could i also mention how stunningly beautiful you are.

    2. Misty

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